About Us

Based in Washington, Ocous Started developing games for mobile platforms in 2011 with the focus of creating the most engaging MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) games for tablet and mobile services.

We are a small team with big ideas

We believe small and independent teams are nimble, move very fast and unstoppable. We take pride in the grandeur of our vision, the dedication of our team, and the boldness of our innovations. We look for talent globally to assemble the smartest and most driven teams capable of achieving extraordinary results.

No.1 Best-rated Game on Windows Store!

Storm of Wars РSacred Homeland has just become the No.1 Best-rated game in the Windows Store, among all games! Storm of Wars brings real-time strategy combats to a kingdom building war game Рa hardcore MMORTS that runs across all platforms (Win, iOS, Android)!

Rewards in 2013

The company’s debut game was Age of Sorcery, a MMORTS mobile game, released in 2012 for Windows Phone platform. In 2013, Age of Sorcery won both jury and audience rewards of the best MMO game on Windows Phone.

What our players say

“As pathetic as it sounds I plan my day around it.”iamCANAD1AN28

“Great game. Truly spectacular!”Data Sloth

“Age of Sorcery has take over my life!”AlthalustheThief

“Very, very good game. Nothing else like it!”VividNinjaScar